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There really isn't much to say. All I can think of is that I really enjoyed the story! The art is well executed and the writing is imersive with the sound and music. This is hands down one of my top favorites.


heyo thanks buddy! That's very sweet! nwn 

quando chegará a próxima atualização do patreon

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hello! due to an injury in my paws it will be longer than expected, probably around the 20th of october

Best wishes for you! ❤️


Thanks buddy! I'm getting out of the injury and start feeling normal again n.n

I'm glad!!

Dios, me encanta xD estoy descargando la ultima actualizacion con muchas ganas, la ultima build fue <33333333

Uwuuu ahí me comentas que te pareció owo owo 

Me encanto! es que diosss Angel es taaan cute, ill be waiting for more content <3 ty for the update <3

Uwuuuuuuu <3

quiero un saludito Mr autor :3

Hola Sr. Puntito ;p que le pareció los nuevos capítulos? ÙWÚ

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Arte pero me hace falta más damian en mi vida 

spoiler hehe siguiente capitulo hehe ;p


Double back, Corkscrew, and Loop de Loop! You are full of surprises! Really keeps me on my toes compared to how I felt about end of last update, that is fur sure!  Couldn't tell where that was headed!

hehehe n.n We'll see what happens next  ;3

And just when I wanted to chuck Chuck.. derp..., don't do that to me!  Got to be careful with fake outs! Easy to misunderstand if your not in the know! XD

Não consigo encontrar a versão Android ?


hello! you might cought me right in the moment I was uploading the newest build! n.n'
Now it should be ready to download! ;D


Esse projeto também estará em português 🦦🇧🇷🐺

Não creio :Ooooooo

Este VN me gusta, pero tengo una duda, si no es mucha molestia preguntar ¿El juego estará traducido en español?

Hola Santiago! En verdad quiero hacer una versión en español lo más pronto posible, pero verás, es muy complejo hacer traducciones en Renpy ( el programa para hacer está novela) antes de completarla, ya que cada que agregas líneas de código, tienes que hacer la traducción toooda de nuevo, línea por línea! 🤯😭 lo sé, suena tonto pero así es 😅

 Un truco que uso para ver novelas que están en otro idioma es descargarlas para PC y usar mi celular con la app de traductor de Google, con su función de cámara y Pum! Traducción en tiempo real! 💖 Me alegra que te haya interesado este proyecto para querer una versión en español, espero poder resolver eso pronto! 😅😋 Saludos desde México!

Gracias por contestar mi duda, espero algún día puedas resolver ese problema se que se podrá saludos desde México también :D


yo aprendí inglés leyendo nekojishi jaja, animo si se puede 

yo aprendi bastante leyendo Adastra ehehehe Uwu


Ari you HAVE TO write a story about dating Chuck He's so attractive Bet everyone feels the same

Great job!

thanks buddy! n.n7

Okay! XD, now your showing things I might have a dislike for in others..., but in the event I am assuming too much, I'm like Mar, I take things seriously, that is why humor like this really rubs me the wrong way, for I wouldn't wanted to have offended another.

Misinformation and miscommunication are cornerstones for any schism, easily can cause a simple situation to turn into a bloodbath over time...

That hybrid combo though does make for one devastating package!

I hate things that are too spur of the moment, even more when they seem so out of place and flip things.

You must be going somewhere with this, so I can't be too upset over it just yet...


WHAAAAT you can't leave us with that cliifhanger AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA !!!!!!!!!!

Heyoo now we can see the next chapters ;3 UWU

Mar can't ask for a better welcome damn !!!

Loved this update thank you and have a good day <3


Great start to the day, 3 chapters, great work love this VN


Ayo triple chapter release???


Finally finished school and no more house under construction,so..😂


Ah ^___^ I'm reeaally enjoying how the story is developing~ UwU each build becomes better than the last n_n keep up all the great work! ^o^/

🙌 woohoo 🎉 uwu

What is the name of this game folder?  I can't find it 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺

Heyo would you like to send me a screenshot on Twitter? Maybe I can help you finding the problem ;)


Omg I loving this game keep up the amazing work 



uwuuuuuuuuu thanks! n.n7


you had me at size difference


WOOF! nwn




nice art, and a good storyline, I'm curious about Damian in the next chapter

heyoo thanks for the kind words! Let's see were the story leads 😏


Siempre que subes una actualización se que va a ser buena, de verdad, me encanta esta vn, ánimo 😋🥵🔥


gracias hermanote! n.n

(1 edit) many links to fix error cannot build.


This is very useful! I just followed the recommendations to fix it! Now it should say what Operative System is each one of the downloadable files!

Thanks for taking the time to letting me know this! I'll be sure to write it down for future updates! Sorry, publishing is kinda the last thingies we do after a lot of work and we might be mentally exhausted by the time to publish xD

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Either the recommendations in the links really helped you, or this piece of buggy code, calling itself a Launcher, somehow mended itself and deigned to download what was asked of it for once! (Which it categorically refused to do with some novels…). P.S. “Hewoo! After completing the KungFuPanda project I’m developing my first original story “Heat Source”! It means a lot to me that You’re reading this! Uwu I would be pleased to bring you guys these pieces done with all my heart’s passion! -Ari ;D uwu” Where can I find this mentioned project? A download link please! Translated with [](I apologize for the translation errors)

Here :
comic chapter 1-2

and video-comic chapter 3:

is very old work but hope you like it ;)

I prefer these guys, here is the link. And here is a link to their novel, it is still on the lips in our country!


The music and ambient sound effects are surprisingly immersive. Good work keep it up bro!~



In chapter 7, background music is Guzheng cover of a song from the 1986 Chinese TV series Journey to the West, performed by Carol Chang. The song actually tells a story of forbidden affection and heartbreaking parting between a monk and a queen.

Holy yikes this is so cool! 🥰🥰🥰💖💖💖


I'm a little curious about whether this story will evolve into two people redeeming each other. Maybe in the future dialogue, the otter will say to the angel: Did someone tell you that you are a real angel? It brought dawn to my dark world and saved me from chaos and degeneration. As the angel said to the otter: you know, I love you not only because of your appearance, but because you have an invisible courage and the life I yearn for. I'm looking forward to the next story more and more:)

Devlog of 0.9.1?

Indeed ;3

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Pienso que Damián usa demasiados mexicanismos, aqui de donde soy tampoco decímos uno en cada frase pero igual es mi fav jaja.

 como pueden vivir vidas vacías sin chilaquiles?

imposible heheh


Usually I think that the sex scenes of most VNs are a bit 'meh', but seeing this last update got me reeeeally surprised bahaha

Both by the "make love" details and by the "daddy" thingy BAHAHAHA that last part got me a bit WTF (they're almost the same age...)


hshshshhsh Upsidupsi n//w//n

Play for the first time. I fail in English, I have to try to use online translation😭😭

psst! A trick that I sometimes use is download the VN on PC,

 then using my cellphone with Google Translator App>

 activate "camera translation" and chazam! Visible translation in real-time! Hope it's useful n.n

oh I think I found a way

oh nice!!

Deleted 107 days ago

is that an app?


U can use Traductor-U if you play on android

ooh K ty :D


 Great update, really loving this Vn.  Keep up the good work

thankies! n.n7


0.8 update was MAGICAL ✧・゚・゜. 。・゚゚
super romantic, informative, and hot as all hell 🔥

I hope it was worth some humidity down your groin 😋💖🤭🥰😅

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Heyo! ^^, always love reading xour new updates, Heat Source is soops cute~! :3

I'd like to make a suggestion regarding the part where the MC and Angel are walking to his room, if xou don't mind?

LP's aren't normally pro "pick me up", actually, it really annoys them. However! Mar is the "Shelter me" type and all about being manhandled :p sooo might I suggest that xou at least acknowledge most little people don't like being picked up? Xou could say something like:

"I know most dwarves don't like being babied, but I could really get used to Angel fawning over me all the time~"

Just a suggestion! ^_^" keep doing what xou're doing because we love it~ n_n/

heyoo thanks for the suggestion, tho I think MC is really enjoying being carried by Angel, and big guys in general huh? 🤭

I know I would~ U///U



Asdfgasdfg ÙWÚ


Can't wait for the update I'm loving this game

uwuuuuu glad you enjoy it so far Ùwú

the juicy build 0.8 is gonna be public in about 6 days!

hehe keep up the amazing work and keeps are ^^



I L.O.V.E T.H.I.S!! even tho there's many misspellings or typos... but its still understandable... cuz english is not ur main language i understand that cuz im the same... but as they say "practice makes perfect" so keep up the good work ^_^v

Heyoo glad you like this story so far Ùwú

If you would like to share any corrections I'm all for it! Indeed, im not good enough at English yet hihihih n.n'


Que rápido se me a pasado la build, de verdad que me encanta esta VN, llevo leyéndola desde la build 1 y no me decepciona, ya quiero ver el tour de la habitación de Ángel 7w7


owó 🥰 creo k es la build más cachonda que tiene esta historia hasta el momento ùwú


Por cierto Ari, sabes si pondrás un botón de 'Hide' para... Apreciar mejor el futuro tour por la habitación de Ángel 😏?

PD: Al menos yo que juego en Android no tengo ningún botón de 'Hide', no sé si en la build de PC lo tenga

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Hola! una disculpa, al parecer para android no viene automaticamente esa opción como se ve en PC (No. se. por. que. XD)
PERO! Justo ahora un amigo me resolvió tu duda y me ayudó con el código!  Para mañana en la noche creo que podría estar listo ese detalle en una version 0.7.6! Estaré trabajando en unas correcciones de ortografía y la version con la función "Hide" para poder apreciar totalmente la imagen en mitad de juego!


Oooh, ya veo, pues muchas gracias, ya estoy deseando leer lo que se viene OwO, me encanta tu trabajo, sigue así, pero no olvides tomar tus descansos UwU


Gracias hermOso! la nueva update  0.7.6 debería estar lista aproximadamente dentro de una hora ;d


Daw Angle's so adorable now, making the decision hard to choose when it come to the route.  Beside that I'm loving the whole new improving art style, hope to see more in the future.

*Whisper: Can we have threesome wink wink UwU*


Owó that sounds like an interesting scene to look 💖💖


Guilty as charged!  (˵ •̀ ᴗ - ˵ ) ✧

jsjsjjs >w<

First time seeing this VN, looks interesting but where's the download button?

(4 edits)

hewoo! sorry, you might have catched me exactly on the moment i was actualizing the monthly update for the new released build 0.7 just about an hour ago n.n' XD
you can check it out already !! UWUWU


Hahaha well that's pretty good timing on my part! Looking forward to giving it a go!

heheh  ;d hope you like this new build! uwu


when is the next update coming out?

(1 edit)

no more than 2 days I guess... Normally each build is done by the end of the month after the newest build is released for patreons, but this month's build is extra juicy, so it's taking a little longer this time ;p


Buah bro, te has superado con el rediseño de ángel, antes ya me llamaba la atención, pero ahora? Ahora ES PERFECTO, de verdad tío, felicidades, sigue así que aquí se va a hacer una comunidad muy buena (Te hablo en español porque aún sabiendo inglés me expreso mejor en mi lenguaje y porque sé que también es el tuyo :P)


uwu aprecio mucho tus palabras hermano! me alegra mucho que te gustó tambien este rework ;D vamos x mas! >:}


LOVE angel's redesign, an already a hot bear made even hotter o///o

also has even more emotion sprites too? the arms wide one is my fav when picking up our tiny main character so wholesome <3 


i knouuuuu right? Uwuwuwuw arms open is my favorite too assfagfahsdfags


Oh, our darling bear got a redesign? I like it a lot! Can't wait to see it in game! :)




Oh, yes. I like it a lot. 

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