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Buah bro, te has superado con el rediseño de ángel, antes ya me llamaba la atención, pero ahora? Ahora ES PERFECTO, de verdad tío, felicidades, sigue así que aquí se va a hacer una comunidad muy buena (Te hablo en español porque aún sabiendo inglés me expreso mejor en mi lenguaje y porque sé que también es el tuyo :P)


uwu aprecio mucho tus palabras hermano! me alegra mucho que te gustó tambien este rework ;D vamos x mas! >:}


LOVE angel's redesign, an already a hot bear made even hotter o///o

also has even more emotion sprites too? the arms wide one is my fav when picking up our tiny main character so wholesome <3 


i knouuuuu right? Uwuwuwuw arms open is my favorite too assfagfahsdfags


Oh, our darling bear got a redesign? I like it a lot! Can't wait to see it in game! :)




Oh, yes. I like it a lot. 

Can’t wait for the next update nwn I know this will be awesome 🤩 


Hello, ari-guardian. I like your game very much. I translated it into Chinese. Do you need me to send you a Chinese version? You can email me if you need

emailed ;d

emailed,too! uwu


I love you Dev for making this game😍,keep it up🔥


Can't wait for next update

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I love the fact that the novel has a bit of hispanic accuracy and that it includes a bit of spanish into the story, to be honest when damian got a bit protective and caring he made me melt from the cuteness, i hope this game goes swiftly and gains popularity


oww thank you bro! You know, a big revamp is coming up and well, now that I'm free forever of stupid school, this story will have a lot more stuff in the next builds! nwn


I love this game

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What makes Mar think that Damian is straight the man has been flirting with him the whole time they've know each other , like Mar is so dense that light is bending around him. Also I can't deal with the fact that one of the characters is called ocean/sea(I don't know the difference between them). Love the game.


Em jogo é muito bom gostei muito da história espero que continue^-^

glad you liked it bro! 💖🥰💖🥰✨


Enjoying this. A lot.


A very cute VN. Quite short but I liked it, and the art is simply amazing. The beginning was a little fast paced for me, but overall it is great.

Btw, are the dog and the bear (I'm sorry I forgot their names) romance routes ? Or is this a linear VN with only one partner (the bear) ?

well, so far it's supposed to be linear, no choices planned(so far) and about romance with one or another, I think we can expect anything to this point 😅


ayo, this is the best visual novel i played!! i smiled all the time in the shower scene lol



sooo uhhh, i don't know what this is but.. fix?

Hello! sorry you got that error, it seemed that Linux users were having troubles when unpacking the zip files and that "ñ" character was causing a mess, so in the newest builds (0.6.1+) this "ñ" characters are not longer used in the coding for avoiding these troubles! n_n' I invite you to dowload the latest build now that has been updated some minutes ago! uwu

never knew that letter would cause such a mess xD

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Hey, I just wanted to let you know that some of your grammar is off in chapter 2 - 3 


Thanks! Some bros are helping me for grammar check, sorry I'm Mexican x'D but if you ever wanna make any advice, feel free to tell me! ;) Twitter@Ari_Guardian or!


Hey, no problem man, I love helping, and your VN is great, I'm surprised you actually replied, I am now following you on twitter <3


Thanks! Uwuu


Ari, he notado que aún estando en la bulid 0.5 en la imagen principal de la VN sale la 0.4, solo quería que solo supieses por si lo habías pasado por alto


oh, cierto, debo cambiar esa imagen 😅

Pero esa es la build 0.5, de eso sí estoy seguro! 😉😋


Eso sí, la leí cuando la sacaste, me gustó mucho la verdad 😏

Sigue así 😜👌


Ùwú gracias bro! n.n7

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The game is great so far and im curious if this game will have routes ESPECIALLY for Damian :3 but yeah the game is great so far, just a little short


I've got a question: Will Damian be a love interest? Will he have a route?


I... think it could be a spoiler to answer that right now, though the main character indeed is having interest in Damian... And about rutes... the story is meant to be linear (as far as it has been planned). The things that might happen in the future will be based on a single timeline, no choices or rutes. I hope maybe this answers your questions  n.n'''

As the story is not being written in my native lenguage, and I barely started coding some months ago, right now its kinda difficult to plan multiple alternate universes  heheh n.n''''''''''''''''''''''''


A quick bug report: On Linux, I got an in-game error when the file "D_o_ceño.png" was trying to be read.  After looking at the game files, that file appears to have been renamed at some point to "D_o_ce�o.png (invalid encoding)", and the tarball (.tar.bz2) file itself appears to contain a file named "D_o_ce�o.png".  I was able to rename the decompressed file to the correct name just fine on my end, so the issue may have been with the "ñ" character being unsupported either by the tarball (the .tar.bz2 file) or by some filesystem that was used before the file was compressed.

If the issue can't itself be directly fixed, renaming the file to something that doesn't use the "ñ" character should keep others from having the same issue as a workaround.

hey Theris, thanks so much for notifying this bug! I'll try to upload as soon as possible a version without the letter ñ on the code!

hewoo buddy! can you please contact me via twitter(@Ari_Guardian) or gmail (


I'm going to download this game it should ben fun so brazilian l won't understand anything but it will be worth it :)

Hey would you be able to tell me how long do you intend this VN to be? Like how many updates it'll take til completion perhaps? 

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mmmm .. that's a hard one 😅 I have been working along last semester on  school, so I guess I could go faster now that I'm free, but I can't definitely say exactly how many more updates this will have... But someone could say the story is just beginning, right?😋😅

Oh of course I just wondered if you have an estimate of how long you WANT it to be

M... I guess I would want it to be no more than 9 months- a  year to be completed ;)


This game is really cozy and sweet. It's quite cold right now where I live, and through the experience of reading this I felt a bit warmer! looking forward to what comes next with this :3

DAWWWWWWW 💖💖🥰 I cried a little uwuwuw glad you liking this so far! Next build 0.5 will be released within some hours!! n.n



Is this game finished? 

nope, the story is being updated monthly😅


Legit very excited about this story! The trio is already so endearing and being stuck in a snowy mountain with two burly men and a little guy sounds kind of dreamy haha, seriously tho, looove that you're going with a more open ended relationship going on here, hope these characters flourish


Uwuu thanks Shyno! You're so sweet n.n I hope their story keeps on these next months uwu


LOL. I like how Damien curses everything in Spanish XD

Yup hehehe xd

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Could you post some pictures? The page is a bit barren. Also, I have a question: Do you have a beta-reader? There are a few misspellings 5 minutes into the game. I like the game so far a lot, but it could do with better and more thorough spell and grammarchecking. 

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Hewoo! English is not my mother lenguage, sorry for grammar mistakes n.n' but I'm open to recommendations if you wanna make some! ;) Currently I don't have a beta reader but sometimes I ask for grammar check n.n' also do you mean I should publish more of the gallerie on my twitter or... Here? n.n'''

"also do you mean I should publish more of the gallerie on my twitter or... Here?" Here,

Oh alright I just gotta edit some of em, I didn't wanted to make spoilers xd it's just this project is barely starting n.n'''''''''

What is your mother lenguage? Maybe Spanish by how does speak D? My mother lenguage is Spanish btw :3

así es hehe yo hablo español e inglés también xd


Que bien, te quería decir que me está encantando tu VN, de verdad que con lo poco que lleva me he encariñado con los personajes, veo que va a ser una muy buena historia y lo espero con ansias <3

Gracias Nono Bear n.n tus palabras significan mucho para mí 💖💖💖 espero seguir produciendo una historia buena... Y jugosa :p


Good stories so far but it so bad that has to be cliffhanger. I wanna know next part of that stories looking forward of your work! 💖


ironically I hate cliffhangers too x'D sorry bout that buddy n.n' I'm glad you like this so far! Uwuu I'm just making some final corrections on the VN for publishing before the month ends! ;9


Love the art and the story ! Andd I want moreee :( , when is the next update gonna be ?

heyoo! I'm glad you're liking this work so far! I am currently making monthly updates, which comes about the last week of each month! nwn

So, soon?

Yup, I'm some days away to finish this progress! I have been learning lots of new coding tricks and stuff I'm so excited for showing you guys all of it! Uwu


finally an update  i wait so long

yeeeei uwu


Nice following chapter development, keep up the good work.

Heat Source Playlist

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guuuuuuurl thanks for the review!!!!!! omg i love your voice!!! and... yeahh... this is what the story is about... mainly... i'm not exactly sure if you were comfortable with that... its ok, i'll respect that!... n_n' also sorry for some grammar mistakes, not my mother lenguage n_n''''''''''' greetings from tacoland Xd hope you're doing well these days!

I'm glad you enjoyed the review, I was caught off guard but i don't mind it. Grammar mistakes come up but it's fine as well. I hope your days are going great like mine as well. :)

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Aww yeaah... Finally Update, i'm so excited ^-

uwuuuffff just wait for build 0.3 🔥🔥🔥💖💖💖

Oh hey!! I see you posted it!!! :D

hewoo bro!


What date is the next update

Because this vn is great and very 

exciting to read i want to know what happend next

today! sorry! somehow i didn't get this notification bro!! :s n_n'

Is this vn is monthly updated ?

sorry for my english

well that's the goal. I wanna make myself updating this monthly for patreons, each month the previous build will be released ;D and don't worry about your English, I'm still learning tooo xdd

hahaha thanks keep up the good work :)

Is this vn nsfw?

yes, it is made for adult audiences... sorry i might need to specify it somewhere here... i'm just new to this itch and VN world n.n'''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''

Show post...


uwuff thanks buddy!!


Wow this was a great game, in the end of the CG make me curious... "what will happen next?"


uwuuu glad you liked it!! nwn


The game is nice so far, can't wait for the next part.


Wow thanks 😊 I didn't expect to get so much attention! n.n love your voice!

Thank you, i appreciate that.


You already started with a android version?? Already earned my attention


thaanks! uwu i'll do my best n.n

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